Gravel Ginder

54 Miles/87K

Start time- 8:30 am

538715_10151012028921637_1847772129_nThis ride is a great way to usher in the Fall season.  The route is 80% well-maintained dirt roads through beautiful Columbia County.  There is a fair amount of climbing on this route, please prepare your bike accordingly.

We will have 2 rest stops that will be fully stocked with tasty treats, water and assorted drinks.  The 1st stop will be at the 23 mile mark and there will be a bailout route available to get you back to the Park quickly.

The 2nd rest stop will be at Chatham Brewing, where you will have a selection of treats and drinks that will help you power through to the finish line.  You will have an opportunity to do a quick tasting at the Brewery and see what a great job Jake and Tom have been doing.

Both rest stops will have restrooms available and we will have 2 vehicles for roaming support, broom wagon duties and giving free rides to finish.

Recommended Bike Gear

Standard road bike equipped with 25 mm or wider tires

34/50-chain ring set up

28 or larger on the rear cog

route revised 6 Sept 2017

Type Notes Distance (miles) From Start
Start Start of route 0
Left Turn left to stay on Co Rd 28 1.76
Left Turn left onto Goold Rd 2.08
Left Turn left onto Sullivan Rd 3.43
Right Turn right onto Sutherland Rd 3.73
Left Turn left onto Co Rd 17 4.08
Right Turn right onto Brown Rd 4.23
Left Turn left onto Bashford Rd 4.97
Right Turn right onto Co Rd 32 6.98
Left Turn left onto Jefferson Hill Rd 7.58
Left Turn left onto Malden Bridge Rd 8.66
Right Turn right onto Jefferson Hill Rd 8.67
Right Turn right onto Mashodack Rd Ext 9.33
Right Turn right onto Pratt Rd 10.08
Left Turn left onto Bachus Rd 10.18
Right Turn right onto NY-66 S 10.72
Left Sharp left onto Riders Mills Rd 10.82
Left Turn left to stay on Riders Mills Rd 11.38
Right Turn right onto Dorland Rd 11.66
Right Turn right onto Co Rd 13 13.07
Left Turn left onto 7 Bridges Rd 13.64
Left Turn left onto Ford Rd 15.06
Straight Continue onto Waite Rd 15.32
Straight Continue onto Wadsworth Hill Rd 15.83
Left Turn left onto Old Gale Hill Rd 16.8
Right Turn right to stay on Old Gale Hill Rd 19.01
Straight Continue onto Gale Hill Rd 19.17
Right Turn right onto New Britain Rd 20.38
Left Turn left onto Wadsworth Rd 20.62
Left Turn left onto Kelly Rd 22.08
Right Turn right 22.98
Right Turn right onto Kelly Rd 23
Right Turn right onto Mahar Rd 23.19
Straight Continue onto Colane Rd 23.83
Right Turn right onto NY-295 W 25.14
Left Turn left onto Schillings Crossing Rd 25.28
Right Turn right onto County Rte 5 27.54
Right Turn right onto Frisbee St 28.53
Left Turn left onto Sayre Hill Rd 30.73
Left Turn left onto New Concord Rd 30.8
Right Turn right onto Cemetery Rd 31.5
Right Turn right onto Co Rd 24 33.8
Left Turn left onto Macedonia Rd 34.35
Straight Continue onto Stonewall Rd 34.43
Right Turn right onto Old Macedonia Rd 35.19
Straight Continue onto Macedonia Rd 35.26
Right Turn right onto 10 Broeck Rd 36.3
Left Turn left onto Red Rock Rd 37.71
Right Turn right onto Raup Rd 38.65
Left Slight left onto Clark Rd 40.1
Right Slight right onto Birge Hill Rd 40.75
Left Turn left onto NY-295 W 41.39
Right Slight right onto Hartigan Rd 41.52
Left Turn left onto Rock City Rd 42.66
Right Slight right onto Highland Rd 43.44
Left Turn left onto Co Rd 13 45.22
Right Slight right onto NY-66 N 47.1
Straight Continue onto Co Rd 17 47.54
Left Turn left onto NY-66 N 47.55
Left Turn left onto Bashford Rd 47.95
Left Turn left onto Brown Rd 49.35
Left Turn left onto Co Rd 17 50.09
Right Turn right onto Sutherland Rd 50.24
Left Turn left onto Sullivan Rd 50.6
Right Turn right onto Goold Rd 50.89
Right Turn right onto Co Rd 28 52.24
Right Turn right onto Niverville Rd 52.56
Straight Continue onto Co Rd 28/Newton Hill Rd 53.38
End End of route 54.32