Gravel Grinder (100K)

62 Miles/100K

Start time- 8:30 am

538715_10151012028921637_1847772129_nThis ride is a great way to usher in the Fall season.  The route is 80% well-maintained dirt roads through beautiful Columbia County.  There is a fair amount of climbing on this route, please prepare your bike accordingly.

We will have 2 rest stops that will be fully stocked with tasty treats, water and assorted drinks.  The 1st stop will be at the 23 mile mark and there will be a bailout route available to get you back to the Park quickly.

The 2nd rest stop will be at Chatham Brewing, where you will have a selection of treats and drinks that will help you power through to the finish line.  You will have an opportunity to do a quick tasting at the Brewery and see what a great job Jake and Tom have been doing.

Both rest stops will have restrooms available and we will have 2 vehicles for roaming support, broom wagon duties and giving free rides to finish.

Recommended Bike Gear

Standard road bike equipped with 25 mm or wider tires

34/50-chain ring set up

28 or larger on the rear cog



route revised 17 Sept 2015

0.0     —     Kinderhook Dog Park start

0.3     R      State Farm Rd

0.8     R      ss  Rt 28

3.3     L      ss  Rt 28

3.6     L      Goold Rd

5.0     L      Sullivan Rd

5.3     R      Sutherland Rd

5.7     L      Co Rd 17

6.5     L      Bashford Rd

8.5     R      Co Rd 32

9.1     L      Jefferson Hill Rd

10.2   L      Malden Bridge Rd

10.2   R      Jefferson Hill Rd

10.9   R      Mashodack Rd Ext

11.6    R      Pratt Rd

11.7    L      Bachus Rd

12.3   R      NY-66 S

12.4   L      Riders Mills Rd

12.9   L     Riders Mills Rd

13.2   R     Dorland Rd

14.6   R     Co Rd 13

15.2   L      7 Bridges Rd

16.6   L      Ford Rd

16.9    S      Waite Rd

17.4    S      Wadsworth Hill Rd

18.4    L      Old Gale Hill Rd

20.6   R     Old Gale Hill Rd

20.7    S      Gale Hill Rd

22.0    L      New Britain Rd

22.2    L      Wadsworth Rd

23.7     L      Kelly Rd

24.7     R     Mahar Rd

25.4     S     Colane Rd

26.7     R      NY-295 W

26.8     L     Schillings Crossing Rd

29.1     R      County Rte 5

30.1     R      Frisbee St

32.3     L      Sayre Hill Rd

32.4   L      New Concord Rd

33.1     R      Cemetery Rd

35.4     R      Co Rd 24

35.9     L      Macedonia Rd

36.0    S     Stonewall Rd

36.7    R      Old Macedonia Rd

36.8    S      Macedonia Rd

37.9    R      10 Broeck Rd

40.2    R      Raup Rd

41.7   BL      Clark Rd

42.3   BR     Birge Hill Rd

42.9   L      NY-295 W

43.1   BR     Hartigan Rd

44.2   L      Rock City Rd

45.0   L      Highland Rd

47.5    S      River St

48.1   R      River St

48.1   S      traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto Main St

48.3  L      Park Row

48.8  S      Pond Hill Rd

49.5   R      White Mills Rd

51.8  BR     White Mills Rd

53.4  BR    White Mills Rd

53.6   R      White Mills Rd

53.6   L      NY-66 N

54.2   S      Co Rd 17

57.3   L      NY-203 S

57.9   R      Little Lake Rd

58.4   S      Round Lake Rd

58.8   L      Co Rd 28B

60.9   L      Independence Way

—     Kinderhook Dog Park finish


BL = Bear Left

BR = Bear Right

L = Left

R = Right

S = Straight ahead


ss = stop sign

ts = t-stop